The iconic Sherman Oaks restaurant has created a home for immigrant restaurant workers in the San Fernando Valley

Casa Vega has been a pillar of the Sherman Oaks community for 62 years. While it’s best known as an old-school Mexican restaurant with a celebrity clientele, when the layers get peeled back, there’s much more to this iconic establishment. Casa Vega has long supported generations of immigrant employees, and it’s cultivated such a positive work culture that many of its staff members have stayed with the restaurant for decades.

During Christmastime at Casa Vega, there’s a pine tree adorned with ornaments, each emblazoned with an employee’s name and the number of years they’ve worked there. Casa Vega’s longest-standing worker, Javier Larios, has been there for a whopping 54 years, and there are more than a handful of others who’ve worked nearly as long.

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